Going to India

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Going to India

Postby tennissally » Jan 13th, '12, 21:52

Hi, I am a recently diagnosed 17 year old coeliac and in March I am travelling to India with my school to build houses for the poor.
I am still extremely sensitive and not even a loud eat outside the house due to my sensitivity(this will have to be put on hold for my trip).
Just wondering has anyone any experience with travelling to India? Any advice appreciated!

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Postby ppstokes » Jan 14th, '12, 12:57

Which part of India? North India relies on wheat-based products (rotis, chappatis, naan, and lots of deep-fried wheat battered stuff). Wheat noodles are put into rice sometimes.

South India relies on rice-based products. Rice is naturally gluten free.

Spices are often adulterated with wheat flour.

Pulses are a mainstay of the diet. Dhal should normally be gluten free, however the common spice added to it, called Hing, or Asafoetida, is usually mixed with wheat flour to stretch it and make it more easily sold / used. I don't know how you can avoid having Asafoetida in Dhal in India.

Others who have been there (I lived in the Middle East for years) will better advise on day to day practicalities.


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Postby tennissally » Jan 15th, '12, 08:55

Thanks for the help. I am going to Pondicherry, chennai region in the south. We will be staying in a hotel but I think it would be best for me to bring most of my own food?

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Postby glutenator » Jan 15th, '12, 12:32

I have a few Indian friends who have given me food since I was diagnosed from both northernparts of india and the much spicier southern region. Generally Indian food is made with gram flour which is gluten free. The hotel should be able to accomodate you but bring the restaurant cards to describe your illness. Try and find the local language but if you can't get that get hindi and that should do.

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