Picolax doesn't seem to be working v well & scopes tmr!

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Picolax doesn't seem to be working v well & scopes tmr!

Postby Glengirl » Nov 27th, '11, 16:30

Help! I'm starting to panic. About an hour after my first sachet this morning, I had some bms, the first being the most "solid", getting more watery as time went by. But I haven't had all that many and it certainly doesn't compare with the time I was given a laxative in H St after birth of 2nd child. It just doesn't seem all that dramatic. I've had worse diarrhoea myself at times.
I've been drinking plenty of fluids and following instructions to the letter and an hour ago took second and final sachet hoping for Mt Vesuvius to erupt. I'm still waiting. My gut is rumbling, I feel v nauseous, have thumping headache but no bms!

Any reassurance would be v welcome, I'd cry if they made me come back...

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Postby Olddog » Nov 27th, '11, 21:15

I think that this might be a 'Picolax thing'

I did a Picolax prep in the summer and total of 6 BMs resulted from the 2 sachets

I drank A Lot of fluids ( about a litre every hour )

No nausea but 18 hrs after starting the first sachet I had dramatic cramping 'deep in & high up' under the diaphram which caused me ( for the first time in my life - so far as I can recall ) to faint. Something to do with rubbing the vagus nerve up the wrong way ?.

By way of background, I'm lactose intolerant so the day before the prep I had a soft diet followed by a litre of milk :lol: :lol: :lol: ( wonder did I really need Picolax at all ? )

All the best for tomorrow. Hope you finally get some answers


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Postby Glengirl » Nov 27th, '11, 23:11

Thanks for your reply Olddog.
Its now 14 hours after first sachet and I still feel like I'm waiting for 'the big one!' ;)
Ive had bms but I couldn't say they were dramatic enough to clear me out!! My bum does hurt from acidity though!! (sorry if tmi).

I have had some strange pains too, and a feeling of being in cotton wool, woozy. But not bad enough to faint thankfully!
I hope u weren't on the loo for that episode !!
Here's hoping I'm clear and that I get some sort of explanation tomorrow.
Thanks for your ear!!

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Postby Olddog » Nov 27th, '11, 23:26

Glengirl wrote:.......I still feel like I'm waiting for 'the big one!' ;).....

The 'Big One' never came for me ! I was, in a way, disappointed !

Yup, I was out cold on the loo floor. The nearest I've ever got to being an Elvis lookalike :oops:

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Postby nollaig007 » Nov 28th, '11, 10:44

That stuff didnt work on my fiance at all, he was ages waiting too, he did go a bit but when we went for the colonoscopy they couldnt see properly so he has to go back. They need to give him a stronger dose, he's a fairly strong lad so I think its the dosage. Worked fine on me but I guess its too "mild" for some people!! Just make sure and drink plenty fluids or you will have to go back again
Noelle :-)

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Postby countrylass » Nov 29th, '11, 10:34

Hi all,

I know this is a delicate subject but I am looking out at the pouring rain and wind and having a good laugh :lol: :lol: :lol: reading this, such descriptions about eruptions - we have all been there :cry: . It is great that we can talk about such things on the forum. Thankfully have another 3 years to go before another colonoscopy - cant wait!

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Postby Glengirl » Nov 29th, '11, 14:21

Lol Olddog!!! I'll call you Elvis from now on!!
Noelle - that's what I was afraid of, but perhaps I'd had so much diarrhoea myself there wasnt much left..
Countrylass - you're right! It's so important to be able to talk about that kind of stuff cos who else can you discuss the intimate details of your bms with really??? :)
The big one never did come but they did the scopes and mustve been able to see enough. He said it looked ok and to go back after Christmas to see him with biopsy results.
Ended up really sick after it (trust me) and had to be put on drip & injected twice with stuff to stop the nausea. Presume just dehydration but they did have to top up my sedation cos I woke up during it - ugh!! Not pleasant!!

What does that mean? Am I not Coeliac then? Or do i have to wait for biopsy? What is going on in there so? Next stop- pancreas.

Are answers to much to ask for ? Oh well. Back to waiting I guess. Thanks for the support.

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Postby anothercoeliac » Nov 29th, '11, 14:47

I will never forget my family eating fish and chips in the next room whilst i chugged that vile stuff down..it did work for me but definitely over a long period of time..in fact i was not entirely finished when i arrived at the hospital which filled me with blind terror!!!!i really began to panic i can tell you.
i informed doctor who said this was fine!?!..thank god i was under anaesthetic not to have to suffer any further humiliation :lol:

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