Reply To: Coeliac Disease and Children

Hilary Cotter

Hi. I’d love to connect with other parents of kids with coeliac. Our 9-year-old daughter was diagnosed almost 2 years ago, and although we’re managing well with finding suitable GF foods at home, we’ve found that eating out can be very hit and miss! A lot of restaurants that say they’re GF friendly have food that adults would like to eat and don’t make GF alternatives for the kids menu. While our daughter eats healthily at home, like anyone else, when she goes out she wants to eat treat food (for her this would be chips & burger, chips & chicken nuggets, pizzas, pancakes etc) and we’ve found that most GF friendly restaurants just don’t have these options (or they will only have part of a meal e.g. a burger without a bun, or a burger but no non-contaminated chips).

I’d love if we could get some suggestions going for different cafes/restaurants in Ireland that serve kid-friendly GF food. So far, in Dublin, we’ve found the best ones to be Beshoffs and Firehouse (for takeaway pizza). Thanks.