Coeliac Disease and Children

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    Hilary Cotter

    Hi. I’d love to connect with other parents of kids with coeliac. Our 9-year-old daughter was diagnosed almost 2 years ago, and although we’re managing well with finding suitable GF foods at home, we’ve found that eating out can be very hit and miss! A lot of restaurants that say they’re GF friendly have food that adults would like to eat and don’t make GF alternatives for the kids menu. While our daughter eats healthily at home, like anyone else, when she goes out she wants to eat treat food (for her this would be chips & burger, chips & chicken nuggets, pizzas, pancakes etc) and we’ve found that most GF friendly restaurants just don’t have these options (or they will only have part of a meal e.g. a burger without a bun, or a burger but no non-contaminated chips).

    I’d love if we could get some suggestions going for different cafes/restaurants in Ireland that serve kid-friendly GF food. So far, in Dublin, we’ve found the best ones to be Beshoffs and Firehouse (for takeaway pizza). Thanks.

    Audrey Farrell

    Hi Hilary,
    I’M a bit late replying to this. We have an 11 year old boy with coeliac disease. He was diagnosed in 2019 and was asymptomatic. Your post is exactly how we feel. Managing GF is fine at home but going out is a different story altogether. We have a few restaurants we frequent (based in louth) and have gotten to know the staff well!It is however really hard to pop into somewhere new or on the spur of the moment.We sometimes bring GF bread to the restaurant and get them to put garlic on it. I’m afraid I can’t really help you, unless you are travelling to Louth.
    I’m not sure if you can help me? My child had no symptoms to begin with and has had a very easy adjustment to GF eating, until recently. For the last four months he has been sick on and off but only in the mornings. As a result, he has missed numerous days off school.By 11 o clock in the morning the pains/cramps have passed. I went to the doctor and he prescribed Buscopan tablets for him but these haven’t really helped.I am concerned about the amount of school he is missing.Thanks

    #74252 lists restaurants recommended by coeliacs! We will always have to quiz them regardless! Have you looked into dairy or oats with regards your son? Gf oats are a problem for around 5% of coeliacs and dairy/gf oats can be excluded and reintroduced slowly to see if it has an effect. If your son is a silent coeliac, he could well be getting glutened somehow. Keep a food diary and be sure to only use certified gf products.

    Ruth McAlerney

    Hi Hilary, my daughter is newly diagnosed 3 months ago and it has been a steep learning curve for me!

    Where are you living, I am in Kildare but do be in Dublin and Wexford also. Would love to share food places to go for GF kids


    Annette Counihan

    Hello everyone,

    My daughter was diagnosed a few years ago now and still have really bad days. Trying to find nice snacks that she an have after lunch or bring in the car to a football game. I would love to chat to any moms in the Kerry area that is dealing with the same thing.


    Gwen Mahony

    Hi, my 12 year old daughter was diagnosed in May. I thought it would be easy enough to follow the gf diet and but I was totally ignorant of cross contamination. She was recently given chips at a party which had been fried in the same oil as chicken nuggets and she was 3 days on the couch. I’m also worried at how much school she is missing. It’s hard to have your eye on the ball 100% of the time but my goodness she pays for it if we don’t. So sad for her.
    The lady who asked about snacks, she usually eats McCambridge’s gf bread or Schar waffles. Loves popcorn, carrots, gf banana bread and schar pretzels. Best of lunch everyone. It’s not easy! Great restaurant for Coeliacs in Cork is Scoozis…also Spitjacks and Milanos.

    Deirdre O Sullivan

    Hi hilary

    Myself and my 2 daughters are also coeliac, my 8 year old was diagnosed 3 years ago and my 12 year old has only been diagnosed a few months, as are also in dublin, we are the same we would get firehouse and nandos are great god gluten free

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