Reply To: Coeliac Disease and Children

Gwen Mahony

Hi, my 12 year old daughter was diagnosed in May. I thought it would be easy enough to follow the gf diet and but I was totally ignorant of cross contamination. She was recently given chips at a party which had been fried in the same oil as chicken nuggets and she was 3 days on the couch. I’m also worried at how much school she is missing. It’s hard to have your eye on the ball 100% of the time but my goodness she pays for it if we don’t. So sad for her.
The lady who asked about snacks, she usually eats McCambridge’s gf bread or Schar waffles. Loves popcorn, carrots, gf banana bread and schar pretzels. Best of lunch everyone. It’s not easy! Great restaurant for Coeliacs in Cork is Scoozis…also Spitjacks and Milanos.