Can I Drink any Plain Milk, Irrespective of Brand?

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    Hi Everyone,
    I am quite new to using the Coeliac Society of Ireland’s Food List, as I was just diagnosed with coeliac disease recently.
    I am confused about the guidance on milk.
    Page v of the Food List 2022 provides bullet points listing foods which are naturally gluten free. Milk is listed as one of the gluten-free foods. From this, I thought that I could buy any low-fat or whole plain milk, irrespective of brand (i.e. I could buy Tesco milk, Avonmore milk, Premier milk, etc.).
    However, on page 83 of the Food List, three types of plain milk are listed (Glenisk Organic Low Fat Milk 1L, Glenisk Organic Whole Milk 1L, and Viva Low Fat Milk 1L). Does this imply that I should only drink Glenisk or Viva milk? I am confused about how to interpret pages v and 83 together.
    Please note that this confusion does not arise for some other foods listed in the bullet points on page v. For example, eggs are included on page v (making me think that I can eat any eggs and do not need the Food List to guide me) and, sure enough, eggs do not feature on any other page of the Food List. Another example is steak, which is covered by the phrase “All fresh meat” in the bullet points on page v, and steak does not feature on any other page of the Food List (with the obvious exception of some steak products with other things added).
    Currently, I am just drinking Glenisk milk to be safe, but I’m wondering if I can drink other brands of milk based on page v.
    Thanks in advance for any answers.

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