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    Daryn Hughes

    Hello all, my 16 year old was diagnosed last week after years of ill health so this journey is just starting for us. He had seen a pediatric GI and we are due to go back soon. Someone advised us to instead start seeing a GI consultant who works with adults in an adult hospital as my son is nearly 17. I’ve been researching all weekend and would love any advice re consultants who specialise in patients with Coeliac disease. Hope someone might be able to help. Thank you.

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    Colin Merry

    I saw Conor O’Brien in the Blackrock Clinic via a referral from my GP. He is a consultant GI.

    Janet Leonard

    Definitely research Adult GI. Good to get definitive diagnosis. Dont panic, Coeliac Society are great with advice and food lists. Most fresh foods eg vegetables potatoes fish is gluten free naturally its the sauces, gravy etc. Also sneaky gluten can be in some medications and toothpaste! Hope your Son is doing 👍 ok. Happy Christmas, if in doubt just ask members here.


    Coeliac Consultant Valerie Byrnes in Galway.


    Hi Daryn. How are things. What happened after that, did ye get sorted ? It can be a long road to diagnosis…it took me 12 years!

    Daryn Hughes

    Hi there, yes, we went to see Dr. O’Brien before Christmas who confirmed the diagnosis. His tTG-IgA was so high that there was no doubt that it was coeliac disease. He did offer a biopsy/scope but it would mean going back on the normal gluten diet for three months and our son doesn’t want to do that. He’s on a completely GF diet now but still has some issues, still losing weight so we are looking at everything. He has seen a nutritionist too. It’s tough going at the moment.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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