Cross contamination

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    Mary Flanagan

    If a person uses your fan oven to cook breaded chicken
    and you cook gf after them do you take the risk of cross contamination thanks


    I personally don’t. I make sure to wrap my stuff in foil.

    Deirdre Walsh

    I would normally loosely cover the gluten containing product and then don’t need to clean oven. I have never had an issue but that could be just me!

    Geraldine Halpin

    I usually put my gf food in on a separate dish (not covered) and cook it with other food…I’m 14 years coeliac and never thought of that..

    Stephen McDonald

    100% this can contaminate you.

    Wrap their food, wrap your food, as suggested above. If possible, don’t have gluten cooking in your oven at all.


    Can sleeping next to someone who has had a few beers affect a coeliac? Does them breathing out count as cross contamination?


    I wouldn’t worry about the breathing part myself but what about the kissing? Surely, this would surely be cross contamination, no? What do others think?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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