Eating Out and Cooking Gluten Free


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    Sheila Robinson

    I’m definitely interested in linking with any budding bakers who are making their own breads from scratch. I’ve tried selected recipes from River Cottage Gluten Free book, as well as having bought ‘Gluten Free on a Shoestring Bakes Bread’ and doing the ‘Gluten Free Baking Academy’ online course. I’m a very determined baker!

    Teresa Moloughney

    Hi all

    anybody give me a recipe for brown bread


    Anna-Maria Szenas

    Hi Teresa. I was given this Brown soda bread recipe last year. You need one 500gr greek yogurt, using the same cup that the yogurt was in, one and a half cup of gluten free porridge, baking soda 1 and a half teaspoons and salt to your taste. When you have it all combined put it in a tin and bake it on 170 celsius for 20 minutes then take it down to 160 for 30 minutes.

    Teresa Moloughney

    Hi Anna Marie

    Thanks for that I will give it a try


    Deirdre Cullen

    Hi all,
    I’m not a great baker but really would appreciate a ‘tried and tested’ recipe for making my own GF pizza base.The ones I’ve googled all seem to need dried yeast(which is a tad terrifying) but I am tired of paying so much for the shop bought pizza bases,so I’d be willing to try it.As I’m not a very confident baker, it would be great to start with a recipe that works fairly well for others.
    Many thanks in advance,

    Stefania Berry

    Hey! I’m new to this Coeliac life and this app. My 8 yr old daughter has been recently diagnosed. Im finding it hard to find restaurants that cater for Coeliacs. I thought there would be a list of restaurants in this app but I can’t seem to find one. Anyone have any idea where i can find a list of Coeliac friendly restaurants. We travel a bit and bringing a packed bag for her isn’t much fun when the rest of us are eating out!!!

    Mary Ann McFadden

    Hi, link is at bottom of page, see restaurants

    New Restaurants

    Deirdre Walsh

    Hi there – I note that Leon is on the list of gf restaurants. Are they not all closed now?

    Mairead Kavanagh

    This is a question regarding eating out. I meet a friend for lunch regularly and now find I am charged €1.00 extra for a gluten-free sandwich comprising 2 slices of bread. I would be interested to know if anyone else has found this happening? I find it a bit harsh and over the top, just for 2 slices of bread. Mairead Kavanagh

    Elaine Byrne

    Yes I am regularly charged extra for requesting Gluten Free items.

    Ciara Nally

    With regard to eating out im not sure what county you live in. We are in Dublin and myself and both young daughters are coeliac. We find Milanos, Zizi, Siam Thai, Bunsen, Bujo, Beshoff, Brick yard, PYE and Manifesto all very reliable with lots of gf options and knowledgeable staff.

    Lee-Anne Coughlan

    Hi. I hv a 6 year old daughter and she’s going to the annual Xmas panto…. the school stop in supermacs on way home and I’m looking for any suggestions as to what I could order for her while everyone else is getting supermacs

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