Reaction to being Glutened – How soon after?

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    Daryn Hughes

    Hi everyone,

    On behalf of our son who is 16 and was diagnosed before Christmas – we have gone completely GF as a household, new toaster etc. Our son does occasionally eat from the school canteen – he always goes for the GF option but of course we can’t be certain that he’s not being contaminated there. Anyway he typically has pretty bad diarrhea every morning, usually after his breakfast but sometimes before. He generally eats GF cereal with full fat normal milk for breakfast or GF brown bread.

    So we know there may be an issue with lactose and we can obviously go lactose free for a while and see how he does. But here’s the question for you all – how soon after eating gluten do you generally react?

    Is he reacting to the breakfast or could it be hours after eating the ‘GF’ food in the school canteen?

    Easter holidays will help as he won’t be having the school food so we’ll have greater control over the diet but any advice would be welcome. He is still losing weight even since we’ve gone GF so we are concerned.

    Geraldine Halpin

    2hrs or longer I would know if I had gluten

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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