Meals/Courses: Snack

Goat’s Cheese & Cranberry Stacks

A divine starter combining tangy cranberry sauce, creamy goats cheese, and peppery rocket, piled high on a lightly toasted Juvela gluten-free roll.

Brie and Basil Melts (V)

A simple hot toasted sandwich idea for lunch or a snack – just one tasty way of using your JUVELA bread. Serves 1.

Tortilla Triangles

A great alternative to sandwiches, these triangles make a tasty lunchbox or picnic treat. Makes 8.

Fab Fish Fingers

A gluten-free version of this all-time favorite kiddies food. Makes 6. For chicken dippers, follow the same recipe replacing fish with uncooked chicken breast strips.

Apple & Blackberry Crumble

Tangy apple and blackberry filling and a delicious crunchy topping – great served with custard or ice cream. Serves 2. Another delicious idea is Tangy Rhubarb Crumble – To convert this recipe simply use 2lb of rhubarb – wash and cut roughly into 1inch (2.5cm) chunks, place in a baking dish and sprinkle with approximately …

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